Sunday, April 15, 2012

Small victories...

Life is CRAZY at the moment. I won't go into detail too much because honestly, I don't have the time!!
I'm playing, coaching, on the committee and organising scoring and canteen rosters for my netball club this year. It's been rather stressful and taken up alot of my time, but it paid off with a HUGE win yesterday (The coach gave me yesterday off - and I'm the coach haha). My first win as a coach and our clubs best day in a VERY long time..... many many years. It was great.

Anyway, I tried my dress on for season 2012 tonight. It's the same dress I've worn the last 2 seasons. The same dress I struggled to stretch over my 163kg frame. I can proudly announce that it fits SO much better! It's so much easier to get on... it's incredible! I used to fight with it big time. I used to make sure I got it on adn done up before I left home for my netball game and refused to take it off, holding my bladder in until I returned home, sometimes up to 6 hours later. I sweated trying to pull it on every week, it was not a nice feeling. And that's just putting it on!!! I attempted to move around a court with it. Not my finest moments.

Tonight shows me how far I've come. I still struggle to see the huge difference that others see. I still look at all the fat parts and wish so much of it was smaller, but I can certainly feel a difference.

I'm not as stressed about wearing it this time around. Will be interesting to see what some of my opponents say too when they see me for the first time since I began losing weight.

I may not be doing as well at the moment as I would have liked, but it certainly helps to see that I HAVE made a difference and even though it could be better, it's still pretty darn good.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I'm not doing too well with this blog at the moment am I?
I guess with everything I've got going on, I'm struggling to find time to jump online. I'mn also struggling to find anything remotely inspirational to talk about, as I've not done well.

The Easter Bunny visited. He was fine at our place, the kids only got a couple of eggs and hubs and I didn't. It was visiting family that did it. I've spent the last couple of days with chocolate smudges from head to toe, devouring the sweet stuff. Feeling REALLY sick afterwards though which is awesome.

As of yesterday, I decided it was time to pull my finger out (yes attempt # 3,298 for this round!!), and have a crack. I want to lose 15kgs by July 20 this year - My birthday. That will put me at 50kgs down (and hubby will owe me a holiday!).

I've restarted a food diary. I'm making sure I drink at LEAST 3 litres of water a day. My trainings don't really change (except I'm supposed to be at bootcamp now, but can't due to ick children).

I'm in this for the LONG haul. I didn't put all of this weight on overnight, and I can't expect it to fall off that quickly either. This is going to be a lifelong process. I will continually learn things about myself and I will have to continually put plans into place to achieve my goals.

I'm hoping to be at my halfway mark by the of May at the latest. TOTALLY doable. It's time to flick the fat!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

I'm Sorry!!!

I've been on neglectful blogger!!!
It's been 2 weeks since my last post....

In that time, I've been rather busy. Kinder, playgroup, committees, netball, a new coaching role, kids, husbands, family..... hectic. I've continued training hard and eating pretty well.

Yesterday morning I weighed in and hit my 35kg goal. Yep, I've lost 35kgs since August 15th last year. Pretty happy with that (it should be a lot more at this stage, but I'm not going to dwell).

Anyway, after having my newish (3 months old) pair of jeans that are really the only ones that have fit me, fall down to my ankles while walking out to my car today, I went through my closet. I tried a few of my old items on - all WAY too big and time to turf.

I then spied on my the back of my bedroom door hanging up - my wedding dress.

I got married in September 2008 to my loving and supportive husband. I was a big girl and had so much trouble trying to get a dress. It was so super depressing (and the fact that my husband gave me less than 4 months to organise my entire wedding in, was not really all that helpful).

I had tried a few on. Been turned away from all bar one bridal store as I was "a little too cuddly" to fit into their dresses. One of the most amazing and happy times of my life was very tough in the lead up.

After talking with an amazing friend, she offered to MAKE my wedding dress for me. She hadn't made a dress before, but she's an absolute fashion WHIZZ and her mother was an experienced dress maker. I was just fricking happy having something that fit me!!

My dress was amazing! I feel incredible on the day in it (although looking at the photos afterwards were pretty heartbreaking). SO many comments on my beautiful dress and how beautiful I looked in it.

Today I decided to try it on again. I wanted to see if I still fit into it. I weighed in at approx 148kgs on my wedding day in 2008 and even thought I knew I was huge, I NEVER imagined I would gain another 15kgs before hitting my weight peak.

I undid the tonne of buttons that adorned the back of my beautiful dress, placed it over my head, popped my arms through the sleeve holes and....

It swam on me! I didn't imagine it to ever be THAT big! I was just hoping to fit back into it!!

My wedding dress is now MILES too big. Too long. The back overlaps by at least 10cms. There is SO much material. My boobs are dwarfed in it. I felt AMAZING!!

It's such a thrill to smash such a milestone. To think I felt like I looked pretty good on my wedding day (7 weeks pregnant and with my giant gut sucker undies on).... wow! Tonight I wasn't pregnant, I wasn't wearing my gut suckers and I certainly was not that 148kg person I once was.

128kgs baby and going DOWN!