Sunday, June 17, 2012

Struggle street

I don't know how it happens. One minute, your head is exactly where it needs to be. You do everything within your power to do what you need to to get the results you want, so many cheers and compliments from friends and accquaintances, you feel so much better and then one little thing knocks you out of that 'zone' ...... it can just be so very hard to get back to where you were when you started.

I a struggling again. I'm not putting in 100% so I'm not seeing the results. I don't know why I should think any differently... if I don't make the effort how can I possibly expect to see any results?

I could use the excuse that I'm still recovering from this knee injury... I really am. BUT it doesn't excuse the poor food choices. I have to take ownership of those. Don't get me wrong, I've come a LONG way from where I was 10 months ago, but there's still a long way to go yet.

The exercise I'm getting back into. I attended my first bootcamp in over 2 months yesterday and I remembered how much I love getting my backside whipped! I played netball. I did a bit of netball training and tomorrow is my kinder walk (about 2 hours while my youngest is at kinder) and strength training class. Not enjoying the winter darkness every morning, but planning on getting a head lamp thing to wear so I can't use that as an excuse.

Slowly I know my eating will fall into place. It will follow my training. There's not really any junk in my house. I've got to get stuck into this water thing again and just start owning my my choices. Now or NEVER woman!!!!!


  1. Love your honesty Nicky.

    It IS hard recovering from an injury. AND keeping your head in the game long term. But I think the hardest part, yet in some ways the easiest part, is the realisation that this is our life from now on. If we want to keep the weight off and live a happy and healthy life, we HAVE to keep at it.

    You've been such an inspiration to me - I KNOW you can do it. xx

  2. Keep going Nicky, I know how hard it is to keep that mindset where it needs to be. But you have to keep going.. And what Raelene said above is so true - we need to accept that this is how life is from now on! Please keep going. Lots of people are barracking for you!!