Friday, March 16, 2012

My Boring Blog Hop

So this week has gone pretty well. I've concentrated on upping my water intake, trying to eat well when I can (not always succeeding) and I'm training my little backside off when I can.
Unfortunately yesterday netball training got cancelled after a getting half way around the football oval and it began bucketing down and we were hit with a massive storm. Swimming back to the clubrooms wasn't much fun with the sky constantly lit with lightning and the crashing of thunder all around. I was absolutely saturated and I had to wring my socks out!

At the beginning of training last night, I got some compliments again. People telling me I looked really good. My body must be changing shape reasonably rapidly, as these are people I saw 2-3 weeks ago who are noticing a pretty decent difference. I'm pretty happy with that.

I've been super busy with kids, dogs, committees etc etc this week, so I don't have a lot to report. It's Fitness Friday again which means a blog hop.
My one interesting piece of information for this REALLY boring post, is that I'm 6kgs away from hitting halfway to my ultimate goal. BRING IT ON! I can't help but feel a little disappointed as the changes are not as dramatic as I envisaged when I first set my goals, but I'm sure the second half of my journey will see massive changes. I can't wait to get under 100kgs!!

Have a great weekend! I'm dragging even MORE new people to my bootcamp session tomorrow. They aren't going to know what's hit them! haha

Hop Time!


  1. Oh boot camp is hard! And I've only done it on my iPhone! ;)

    That's awesome people can see the difference already. Well done!

  2. Good on your team mates for their encouragement. Doesn't it make you feel proud of your achievements?

  3. Congratulations on your achievements!! You probably don't notice how great you look because you have seen all the small changes. I really notice the changes in my body when I see an old photo!

  4. Yay good for you, 6kgs off half way is awesome!!