Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Having a bad day?

Having a bad day? Look no further than your favourite weight loss blog!
These blogs are amazing!! They lift me up when I'm feeling really low and doubting myself. To read the amazing stories of others who are sharing this journey with me and others who have gone before me, is SO motivating!! If you haven't really linked up with many people following the program, I advise that you do. This family is AMAZING! You can learn so much from them, share all your ups and downs with them, and help celebrate their achievements along with your own. And my number one tip? BRAG THE SHIT OUTTA YOURSELF!! Seriously, brag away!! If you've achieved something you never thought you'd do, lost an amount of weight you never thought you'd lose, anything that is brag worthy, DO NOT HOLD BACK!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this program. My mindset 99% of the time is in AWESOME mode. I'm not going to lie, I have my crappy days. I often feel like I'm the same size and weight that I was 30kgs ago. Yep, seriously. I can feel the clothes, I can see the differences in photos but my mind tends to block that out. I still haven't learnt to love myself which is really quite sad when you think about it.

WOMAN!! Look how far you've come!!! From being buggered after climbing one flight of stairs, to running 6.5kms straight! 2-3 clothing sizes down (although I always go back to those size 26's when I go shopping. :S). over 1 metre lost in measurements. SERIOUSLY!! This brain needs to catch up!

I guess when you've been the size and weight I have been, when you've hit the lows that I have and you haven't cared an ounce for yourself for at least 8 years, it's going to take a while to readjust your thinking. It didn't go from happy skinny Nicky to Angry, uncaring, depressed Nicky overnight.... it took years. Just as the weight did to pile on, it's going to take time to come off. It's going to take determination and EFFORT. You can't just sit there with a great big sooky la la, teenage angst mood and blame the world, you have to GET OFF YOUR ARSE, EAT RIGHT AND TRAIN HARD!!
There are NO magical cures. If there was you wouldn't be where you are now. There are no EASY ways, no shortcuts. You have to DO the work to get the RESULTS!

Why has it taken me nearly 10 years to realise all of this? How does one little program change nearly everything in my head? It's like a switch has been flicked and we're in awesome, kick ass mode. Love it!

I can't take all the credit and I can't give ALL of the credit to the program itself.... the support from those around me and those I have met through the program has been my saviour. I started last round thinking "I can't lose the weight. I'll have a crack, but I bet by the third week I'll be scoffing all the same shit again". I have never thought myself to be someone who can actually FINISH something. Ever since I gave Uni away when I was 18, I've been a quitter. Things get too hard, I quit. Things upset me too much, I quit.

Not anymore!!

This break over the holiday period hasn't done me too many favours on the weight loss side of things, but it has shown me that I need to be on top of things ALL of the time. I can't go gung ho for a week, then have 2 weeks off and expect it not to affect me. I have my sisters wedding this weekend and I've pretty much written this week off. I'm not training due to the hip (hobbling down the isle like peg leg Pete is not really ideal in a maxi dress.... ), but I'm concentrating more on the food side of things. The food is where I go wrong everytime and I need to harness that. That inner labrador as Mish says. She's been getting her way for a few weeks now, but not any longer. Once this weeding has been celebrated (and I'll be celebrating the HECK out of it! haha), I'll be  back on weight loss highway, going south.


  1. Oh hunny, love this blog. One thing though, I bragged and shared a photo diary, to encourage others. It helped motivate many... but it also pissed off many and I lost some good friends over it. I have even heard gossip about it, untrue shit. But hey, everyone else knows me better then me right? It's not like they asked or anything, even experienced it!

    Keep on keeping on babe. I love following your progress! Your doing so awesome and your looking so fantabulous!

  2. P.S - i still head for the bigger clothes too. I don't see myself as thin as i apparently am. And as thin as everyone sees me.

  3. Cheers lovely. You are too kind.
    I s'pose I understand the frustration behind constant bragging, but we fricking deserve it! I try and limit my standard FB profile bragging and leave it to my weight loss groups (and even then I spread the bragging love). I LOVE LOVE LOVE your weight loss pics and you already know you are a huge inspiration to me. xx

  4. Great Post Nicky!

    This is my first round of the 12WBT and I've only recently discovered the amazing blogs so many members are keeping. Whenever I feel like cheating/slipping back into old habits checking out the blogs of others really helps me forget the cravings and get on with the task of dropping weight and transforming my life. I've signed up to a whole bunch of blogs, and I love to hear people bragging about their latest achievements - those posts motivate me - if others can do it, why not me?

    Keep up the great work and great posts.

  5. REALLY enjoyed this post. It's a timely reminder to reach out rather than retreat when you're having a tough week.

    Have a great time at your sisters wedding too :)