Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Here's where it gets scary..... the big reveal!

Ok so I've finally found a pic from 'before'. It's from July 2011 about 6 or so weeks before I started the 12wbt and about 3-4 weeks before I even found out about it.
The pic to the right is of me on Monday night (Nov 15th 2011) at a concert with my spunky SIL.

I have underwear full body shots, but only from the first week of round 1, none from day 1 of preseason. Preseason I dropped half of the weight I have now lost. I'm a little disappointed that I don't have any comparison pics from then, but I'll be making sure I take more photos from now on.

Now, I know that there are people on here that actually know me IRL who probably don't realise it's ME. Surprise! haha Some people will have seen this before as I've shown this to some of my closest weight loss buddies. Others won't have the foggiest, but I thought I'd put it out there anyway.

So... here goes.

July 2011 / Nov 2011
22.6kgs difference

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