Wednesday, August 24, 2011

It's pretty awesome...

How after less than 10 days you can go from crazy, hard core, eat a double Quarter pounder meal and shovel in a dessert, sugar 'addicted', person to someone who really pushes themselves with exercise, makes all the right choices, doesn't fold when something's put in front of them, loving themselves and life type of person.
It's weird how it's all happened so quickly (and honestly, I worry that I can change back just as quickly!!).

This morning after smashing out my PT session last night and feeling rather sore and sorry for myself, I did it. I just got myself out of bed early to go for a morning walk/jog. I wasn't going to... just like every other day I've said I would and haven't. This morning was different. I actually said to myself "just fricking DO IT!". It was great! I felt better afterwards and had heaps more time getting myself and the kids organised for playgroup today.

I'm loving having a calorie king membership at the moment. I'm really enjoying inputting my foods for the day and coming out at around 1200 cals. Today I decided to turf bread totally. I didn't have one single bred product and although I don't feel any different, it did save me a bunch of calories!

I'm also really enjoying the meals I'm making for dinner (and so is the Hubster!!). Tonight was a prawn dish that I thought of off the top of my head and came in at 310calories and was delicious and filling! I'm still not hungry 3 hours later. I also got to have a  hot chocolate tonight as a bit of a treat... but also an intake booster because I was sitting at 900cals for the day.

Today a couple of wins - playgroup normally involves a bunch of high calorie, highly sugary treats. Cakes, biscuits, lollies, scones -you name it, it was there today! I saw it and didn't even consider eating one. I didn't miss out either, I had my trusty water bottle in my hand and we still all had a good chat and giggle, but I didn't need food to help me with my witty banter and hillarious jokes. haha.
It was awesome to be able to see others eating it, to see all the food laid out on the huge table and not be salivating. Of course, I did curse a couple of the girls for the treats they brought.... 2 weeks ago they were just my thing! Not anymore of course.
Another win was when I got dressed. Unfortunately, due to my weight my pathetic scales can't measure it. They apparently aren't rated highly enough. Rather embarrassing but I need to own it! Anyway, I put on my favourite jeans today. The pair that I usually have a slight struggle getting on and that always leave a big red mark around my belly after a few hours. Today, they were much easier to put on. I'm hoping that it's because I've lost some weight. That I've lost a little off the tummy. They aren't as uncomfortable to wear all day (which I've done... normally after I've been out the jeans come off for comfy trackies). I figure that's got to be good, right?

To solve my issues I bought a new set of scales today. I have to wait for them to arrive, but I will weigh in when they do and I will announce it to the world. THAT number. The number that is holding me back from being the awesome person I can be. The LAST time I will ever see that number on a set of scales that I stand on for the rest of my life!

And to think less than a month ago I never knew this program existed. I have one person in particular to thank for introducing me to this program. I've never enjoyed eating and exercising this much I don't think. It's such a huge change in such a short time. It's pretty awesome though ;)

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  1. Your posts are really inspirational! I wish you so much luck on this journey. xox Bunny