Saturday, March 22, 2014

At A Loss

I've had 3 bloody awesome days really! My eating has been fantastic and whilst yesterday was my rest day I've trained the other 2 days. I've got a netball practice match today and quite a bit of walking around to do to get the burn going again.

I'm really proud of myself. In the scheme of things 3 days isn't a lot, but for me it's everything. If I can go 3 days on the straight and narrow I can certainly do 4. If I can do 4, I can do 5. One day at a time and before I know it, it will become my new habit. Just like last time. 

I weighed myself this morning. Why? Because I haven't touched the scales in almost 2 weeks and because I want to prove to myself that this is definitely working - and it is. I'm down 3.9 kgs in the 12 days since I last weighed myself, in reality most of that loss has come since Tuesday. 

My goal for this round? I'd like to lose 15kgs overall. Something incredibly achievable for my current frame. 

I'm a bridesmaid for my sister in law's wedding on May 17th. I know it's very naughty of me, but I'd LOVE for my dress to be a little bit big for me. I can deal with that. ;) I will be the biggest in the bridal party by far, but I will have the knowledge that I am at least a bit smaller than I was going to be and that in itself will make me smile better for the photos.  10kgs gone will be my aim. 

8 weeks - 10kgs (which will then bring me to 13.9kgs lost). Very very achievable. Bring it on. ;) 

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